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AZ76 is focused on technological innovation which enables us to supply strategies for energy efficiency. As the company is concentrated in the area of Infrastructures and Hydraulic Facilities it is within the scope of WATER and WASTEWATER we propose to develop the necessary studies to ensure the reduction of costs.

It is generally known that 71% of Earth is water, but only 1% is drinking water, available for human consumption.


In this sense, AZ76 supplies studies based upon economic solutions, ecologically tested and adjusted to answer the client`s needs.


The water audits are performed in order to meet the client`s needs, based on a series of goals which aim at the sustainable management of water. The key to  implement a higher efficacy in water consumption is to save without compromising the level of the service rendered to the final consumer.

We start off with the basic understanding of the way the system works and we then study the client`s needs. The presentation of comparative studies of various settings aims at disclosing the perfect notion of the several alternatives for a higher efficiency of the systems implemented.

As for the wastewater, the evaluation of costs and benefits of the reuse of rain water and domestic wastewater for reutilizations is urgent. We propose to perform such approach, both in the project phase and in executed works.


At the stage of project, the approach will be made in the sense of advising the client with technical options which will assure the saving of water and energy.


In executed works, where there is frequently a bad use of equipment, the deficient grading of the instruments or even the misure of resources lead to high consumptions, the AZ76 approach sets out to define measures which will guarantee an effective saving of resources.

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